Have you ever wondered what it takes to make it in the Music Business? Meet Anastasia Filippova, the hardest working girl in Show Business. Just take a look at her impressive record so far. Her website www.anastasiasongs.com says it all. She appeared on Radio and Television and as a guest singer with several working bands. She performs for numerous benefits and at just about every club and restaurant in the city. At the same time, she is working on an album, while studying music at Carleton University.

Anastasia was born in Russia and has been living in Ottawa, Canada since 1998. At the age of 12 her family left Russia and moved to Canada. It was this experience that inspired her to later write a song titled, “Living in the Memory”. Anastasia performed her song “Living in the Memory” at the SuperEx in Ottawa. She beat 120 contestants to win the SuperEx competition for "Stars on the Rise". For more information go to: www.anastasiasongs.com

Video recorded August 25th 2007 at the SuperEx, Lansdowne Park, Ottawa, Canada.