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Frank Ling, Writer

Frank Ling

Frank Ling lives in Canada and is a retired Architect. He devotes his free time to helping the community. He has assisted many organizations such as the Police Board, Hong Kong Business Association, Museum of Nature as well as Universities and Multi-Culturalism. His distinguised record of community service earned him Queen Elizabeth the Second's Golden and Diamond Jubilee Medals as well as the Order of Canada. In 2013 Frank Ling published his memoirs and became an author with the release of his first book titled, "Pray Standing".

Book Launch

Held at the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa, Canada was the official book launch of Frank Ling's first book titled, "Pray Standing", "Global Life Inspired by Family and a Fortune Teller". The event was MC'd by former Dragon Boat Festival Chair Michelle Lavoie who introduced Museum CEO Meg Beckel and former Mayor Jacquelin Holzman. After being introduced by former Mayor Holzman, Frank Ling spoke about his book and later signed autographs.


Interview with Frank Ling recorded November 12th 2013 in Ottawa, Canada.

Book Launch recorded November 16th 2013 at the Canadian Museum of Nature, 240 McLeod Street, Ottawa, Canada.

To purchase Frank Ling's book, "Pray Standing", visit Amazon Books at; Frank Ling

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Book Launch