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Marty Haggard, Country Singer

Marty Haggard

Country singer Marty Haggard performed at Carp's 150th Fair, backed up by the Auction Barn Jamboree Band. Fans of country music legend Merle Haggard were delighted to hear Marty Haggard perform his dad's songs as a Tribute to his dad. Marty introduced his dad's songs to the audience with stories about how some of his dad's famous songs were inspired. After the show fans lined up to purchase one of Marty's three albums. He autographed his Tribute Album CD's as well as his own original music CD Albums.

Carp Fair

Celebrating its 150th year in September of 2013 was the Carp Fair, known as the best little country fair in Canada. The annual fair showcases everything from Agrilcutural Exhibits to Live Musical Performances. Visitors to the fair enjoy Barn Dances, Farmer's Markets, Midway Rides, Antiques and Horse and Cattle shows. The fair also provides free parking with free bus shuttle to and from the fair grounds. (Workin' Man Blues), song was composed by Merle Haggard. This Tribute version was recorded by Marty Haggard.


Video recorded September 28th 2013 at the Carp Fair, located in Carp, Ontario, Canada.

For more information on Marty Haggard visit his official website at: Marty Haggard

For more information on the Carp Fair visit their official website at: Carp Fair

Located at 3790 Carp Rd. Carp, Ontario. KOA-1LO (613) 839-2172

Carp Fair

Marty Haggard